Cryo-Preservation Technology 20 Years Away

The progress of technology is evident from the fact that now bio technologists are working upon the idea of preserving human body, not only that but bringing human body back to life too! This era is no more than 20 years away!

What is Cryo-Preservation? 

It is a process in which a human body is stored at ultra low temperatures to preserve it till science discovers ways to revive the person. Only the brain is yet being stored to save information about the original person. The process is known as “freezing”, but it isn’t actually frozen because the cells would die.

Successful cryo-preservation means that the cells are not frozen, they are very shrunken, said Professor Fuller. They contain no ice, because ice will kill them.

According to professor Barry Fuller, only cells and tissues like sperms, blood, embryo can be preserved at the moment and not whole human body.

Three stages of Cryo-Preservation 

  • • Cells are bathed in an anti-freeze to survive low temperatures
  • • Cells are dehydrated
  • • Finally they are shrunken

According to professor Barry fuller, the technology to preserve single organs for transplant would take 10-15 years in the future. Yet the idea to cryo-preserve human body seems feeble in the regard that scientists are still unsure whether they would be able to recover body or not.

The idea of cryo-preservation popped up after terminally ill 14-years old girl won historic legal fight shortly before she died and her body was preserved in order to bring her to life somehow.