DailyMotion Hacked, More Than 85 Million User Accounts Stolen

Daily Motion Hacked, More Than 85 Million User Accounts Stolen

Dailymotion starts the week off right. According to several sites, the famous French video portal have actually been targeted by the hackers last October. It becomes much worse when the hackers had access to some databases of the site and they manage to steal over 85 million user accounts.

The video-sharing website Dailymotion is actually based in France Launched in March 2005 on which users can upload, watch and share videos like YouTube provides. Apart from all this Dailymotion is one of the biggest video platforms in the world, offering a mix of content from users, independent creators, and premium partners.

Dailymotion was a new turn in the year 2012 when France Telecom company Orange announced its plans to take the company’s control. The operator has invested heavily in the business to help it to grow, but it has not had the desired effect. Hence, it gradually lost the ground.

After facing the situation, it relented its shares to Vivendi. The group now owns 90% of the company’s capital, against only 10% for Orange.

Dailymotion has been battered in recent years and this new story will not improve the situation. According to the LeakedSource, “the DailyMotion data breach appears to have taken place on October 20, 2016, which means it is possible that hackers have been circulating the data for over a month”.

According to the sources, Exactly the stolen data actually consists of 85.2 Million unique email addresses and usernames and around 20 percent of the accounts which means more than 18 Million users had hashed passwords attached to them.

Fortunately, the passwords were protected as the video sharing website Dailymotion uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm with ten rounds of rekeying, hence, making it much difficult for hackers simply to gain user’s actual password.

Media site ZDNet received a sample of the stolen data from the video sharing site Dailymotion and stated that “We verified the data by matching up plaintext passwords with the hashed password found against the email address using a readily available online tool. In one case, the email address and password combination were unique to Dailymotion, suggesting that the data could only have come from the video-sharing site”.

ZDNet also added that “We also reached out to a number of people whose email addresses were found in the data, but nobody responded by the time of publication. But because of the password security and that only a portion of the accounts had associated passwords, the damage is somewhat limited for Dailymotion customers”.

However, we will strongly recommend you to change your password as soon as possible if you are one of the 18 million DailyMotion users who had their hashed password leaked.