Firefox To End Support For Windows XP And Vista

Firefox To End Support For Windows XP And Vista

For many years Windows XP was the Microsoft’s most widely used and popular operating system. With the end of the support, it was hoped that it would eventually be abandoned, which in fact did not happen.

Several software companies are abandoning this version and Mozilla was the latest to declare this intention. From mid-2017, Firefox will no longer be supported on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

The decision of Mozilla follows the same line of many others, and it intends to terminate the support of the software that runs in Windows XP. Microsoft itself no longer supports this system and has therefore left it exposed to emerging security issues.

By September 2017, Firefox will gradually lose functionality until it is no longer fully supported and exposed to all security issues that arise.

Already in May of next year, Mozilla will begin to decrease support, reducing the number of versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista that will be released. These versions will also lose features that are going to be released and lag behind versions for the latest systems.

But Mozilla does not want to remove Firefox from these two systems completely. Firefox will continue to work on Windows XP and Windows Vista. So, if you are the user of Windows XP or Vista, then you will lose the support and security updates, leaving you vulnerable.

It’s no surprise that Mozilla moves and follows what many others have already done in an attempt to force users to upgrade to the latest operating systems.

There is no definite and definitive date, but the month of September is the limit imposed by Mozilla for the end of Firefox support in Windows XP and Vista.

Via TechViral